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Weyapiersenwah \”Blue Jacket\” Shawnee War Chief (c.1735 – c.1809) – Genealogy

Blue Jacket

Blue Jacket War Chief of the Shawnee

Shawnee Indian Chief

Details on the friendship between Boles and Bluejacket are spotty, but the two men obviously saw each other frequently and perhaps even rode the circuit …

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Blue Jacket

The Life of Blue Jacket: The Heart of the Shawnee Tribe: american, blue, en, heart, history, jacket, native, shawnee, social, studies | Glogster EDU …

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The …

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Blue Jacket. Tecumseh


A popular image of Tecumseh he often wore a silver ring through his septum. By

Charles Bluejacket

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The Legend of Blue Jacket

In Tecumseh: Early life and training. At the call of Bluejacket, the Shawnee …

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It was a major defeat for Blue Jacket, resulting, ultimately, in the Treaty of Greenville (1795) which turned over half of Ohio to the Americans.

The Frontier Partisan Art of Steve White – Frontier Partisans – Blue Jacket.

Reproduction of a portrait of Little Turtle, also known as Mich-I-kin-I-Qua, a war chief of the Miami Tribe, ca. 1790-1812. Little Turtle and Shawnee chief …

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Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees (Signed First Edition).