Is That A Straight Jacket

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It’s a small world. I just ran into someone here at my job that I worked with eleven years ago. It was my second job when I moved to DFW.

is that a straitjacket?

Is That A Straight Jacket – JacketIn


If you put that straight jacket on me, I am going to pull your endocrine

Is That a Straight Jacket?

Straightjacket Minion …

And yes, they include a way to affix the arm belts to his back. It’s a toy with realistic Straightjacket features. How freaking awesome is that?

A recent Keynote presentation I gave called “Is Christianity a Straightjacket?” Apart of our Reasons for God Series. | Sets ‘n’ Service


I was 7 years old, we were at my grandparent’s beach house on the …

The game I play is a very interesting one. It’s imagination in a straightjacket,

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Is that a straight jacket?

Little darlings proving too much to handle? Brazilian toy company claims to have the answer … but would really put your child in RESTRAINTS?

Mercina Eyahpaise on Twitter: \”@BrittanyFurlan is that a straight jacket with boob cones?\”

So, you don’t have a problem. You’re not crazy; everyone else is. Is that how you see it?\”

Years later I opted for a Steel Straight jacket. Mine is a reproduction of the one used in the Tony Curtis Houdini movie. In 2008, I presented the escape …


And as for haters…….this is what they need:

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… the fact that it is basically a ‘cute’ straight jacket for a baby. Maybe it is just the baby in this hat in this picture…I dunno. But it cracks me up.

Summit is looking at carving out a new franchise for themselves, by turning the famed master of straight-jackets into a James Bond and Indiana Jones hero, …

Until I got the ok from my rehab guy and my doctor, that was a big no go. Things continue like this for a few more weeks.